About us

Elektrodistribucija DOOEL is a company which has power distribution on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia as its primary activity. The Company is part of the EVN Group.

The most important goal of Elektrodistribucija is to provide for a reliable and high-quality power supply to the customers. The EVN Group, since its entry on the Macedonian market in April 2006 until 2016, has invested more than 300 million Euros, built 5 high voltage trafo-stations and 1050 middle voltage substations. 160 kilometers of grid on high voltage were constructed, 3800 kilometers on middle voltage and 1700 kilometers on low voltage. 850000 old electricity meters were replaced with new. With these investments the technical losses in the grid were reduced and by that the energy efficiency of the system was very much improved.

There are responsible teams for fixing outages or other problems across the country and they act fast and effectively. Investments and organizational improvements in the company brought more reliable power supply, reduction of losses, and they improved the level of customer satisfaction.