New electricity connection

The connection of the facilities of legal and natural persons to the grid of Elektrodistribucija shall be made in compliance with Connection Approval issued by the Company.

The approval for connection to the grid of Elektrodistribucija is required for:
  • Connection of newly constructed buildings to the power grid
  • Increasing the maximum approved power consumption by the customer
  • Any modification or reconstruction of the connection upon request by the customer
  • Any modification of the technical features of devices used by the customers, which have prominent reverse influence on the grid
  • Integration of several metering points into one metering point
  • Separation of one metering point into several metering points

The Application for Connection Approval shall be submitted to the Customer Centers (KEC) of Elektrodistribucija DOOEL.

Application for Approval of Connection to the Distribution Grid (MK)

Application for Putting the Connection into Operation (under voltage) (MK)

List of companies for planning and-or building a non standard connection to isolated user (MK)